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Thank you for your interest in Pre-Employment Profiles LLC. We believe that performing a pre-employment background investigation(consumer report) should be the first step in the hiring process. This vital step in risk management will help to provide a safer workplace, prevent fraud and theft and mitigate the potential for violence in the work place. Our goal is to help employers make informed hiring decisions by accessing Federal, State and County Court files.

We take our commitment to our clients seriously. After more than twenty-five years assisting employers in employment related matters, we understand public record research and are committed to sharing our knowledge with you. We do everything possible to assist our clients with maintaining compliance with the FCRA, ADA, HIPAA and other applicable state and federal laws throughout the screening process.

The following lists highlight the two levels of backgrounds we routinely perform. We are prepared to customize your screening to your exact specifications. Volume discounts are available, and there is never an initial set-up fee or monthly minimums.

We offer expedient turnaround time: the majority of our search results are delivered within 8 business hours.


  • Social Security Trace confirming “Best Match”
  • Address & Address History Verification
  • Aliases & maiden names divulged & fully researched
  • Criminal History from County & State of Residence*
  • State Sexual Offender Registry for “At Risk” employers


  • Social Security Trace confirming “Best Match”
  • Address & Address History Verification
  • Aliases divulged & researched
  • Criminal History from County & State of Residence*
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Driving History
  • Local Civil & State of Residence Court Research
  • Bankruptcy and Civil Federal Research
  • State Sexual Offender Registry for “At Risk” Employers
  • Home Ownership


  • Workers’ Compensation History, (EDEX) Post Offer of Employment [California Only]
  • County Criminal Check – $20.00 per county or name
  • Nationwide Criminal Check
  • Credit Report
  • Social Security Best Match & Address Verification
  • DMV Driving History
  • Civil History
  • Employment & Reference Verification
  • Credential & Professional License Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Corporations/Limited Partnership Records
  • Uniform Commercial Code Filings
  • Board of Equalization Records
  • Department of Consumer Affairs Records
  • Ownership of Real Property

Please contact us for pricing regarding any of our services.

Why Choose Us to Perform Your Pre-Employment Screening?

  1. We perform County level criminal research as well as state & federal criminal data – so you really know their past.
  2. We are an investigative agency with over 25 years of research experience, which we will gladly share with you – educating you on your results.
  3. As investigators, we can legally contact your applicant to clarify records found – sparing you from the awkward position of grilling your applicant.
  4. Prompt turn around of your requests – usually within 1 business day, and we alert you should it require more time than that – keeping you in the know!
  5. If your applicant so requests, we provide him with a copy of the report and the required FCRA Consumer’s Right, maintaining copies of having done so for our files and yours – saving you time and keeping you compliant!
  6. We have the ability to provide you with California EDEX (Worker’s Compensation) Records on a post-offer basis.
  7. According to California Business & Professions Codes, other than the employer, only attorneys and licensed private investigators can legally provide an “investigative consumer report” on potential applicants.


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