San Luis Obispo County Court Update

Effective July 7, 2014, the CEO of the San Luis Obispo County Courts has instituted a policy of requiring a fee of $15.00 for every ten (10) minute increment of time that a court clerk is involved in researching a name to determine whether or not criminal records exist for that individual.

The financial impact upon employers who are requesting pre-employment screening of prospective employees is significant.  It appears that the primary focus of this new policy is to thwart the efforts of court researchers who are tasked with reviewing case files to verify that a “hit” is actually the applicant, and then to determine the facts of the case which will allow a determination to be made as to whether or not the matter is reportable to the potential employer, and whether or not the information shoould be used in the hiring process.

For those of us engaged in the daily screening of job applicants this onerous fee schedule will further erode our ability to promptly screen and clear qualified job applicants.  The unintended consequence is an unnecessary delay in California jobs recovery and a disparate impact upon potential employees who have lived, worked, or gone to school in San Luis Obispo County, where many of the brightest engineers are educated at the California Polytechnic University, commonly known as CAL-POLY SLO.