San Luis Obispo Court Fee Schedule Challenge Update

This firm partnered with other members of the California Association of Licensed Investigators in a challenge to the July 2014 decision by the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Court to begin charging the public $15 for each ten minute time increment while performing basic records research requests submitted by members of the public.  This firm, after meeting with the California Office of Legislative Counsel,  submitted the formal challenge directly through the office of California 35th District Assembly Member Katcho Achadjian.

On January 5, 2015, we were notified by Assembly Member Achadjian’s office that “After months of research and discussion, Legislative Counsel has issued an opinion which states that the new fee structure put forth by San Luis Obispo Superior Court is not authorized by law.”

While we fully expect that there may be future challenges and appeals to this ruling, at this time we are pleased to have been a part of the process of protecting the rights of citizens and businesses operating within the state of California.